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Room description

Syntax: walkin
walkin clear
walkout clear

Walkin and walkout simply provide the character with the means to change
what is displayed when they enter or leave a room. Type walkin or walkout
on a blank line will display the string that will be shown. If an imm
tells you to change your walkout, it’s usually because your walkout/walkin
is disruptive to the game in some manner. You can choose to change it,
or you may find that ability to even have a walkin/walkout removed.

A good walkin/walkout will not declare actions, impose emotions, or
otheriwse affect a person or objects in a room. For example:

Bob walks in and you are overcome with fear.

is a bad walkin. A much better walkin would be:

Bob walks in and casually glances about the room.

RDESC falls under the same roleplay guidelines as walkin/walkouts, but
is a description you may enter for yourself that characters will see as
they enter a room that you are in.