Info > Save


Syntax: QUIT
Syntax: RENT … not!
Syntax: SAVE

SAVE saves your character and objects. The game saves your character every
15 minutes regardless, and is the preferred method of saving. Typing save
will block all other command for about 20 seconds, so use it sparingly.
(90+ players all typing save every 30 seconds just generated too much lag.)

Some objects, such as keys and potions, may not be saved.

QUIT leaves the game. You may QUIT anywhere. When you re-enter the game
you will be back in the same room.

QUIT automatically does a SAVE, so you can safely leave the game with just one
command. Nevertheless it’s a good idea to SAVE before QUIT. If you get into
the habit of using QUIT without SAVE, and then you play some other mud that
doesn’t save before quitting, you’re going to regret it.

There is no RENT in this mud. Just SAVE and QUIT whenever you want to leave.