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You are Player the Young
You are a Race of the Loner
You are 17 years old. (Played for 0 hours)
Explored 1 of 13417 rooms. Total: 0.01% of the world.
Exp: 1000 QuestPoints: 0 QuestTime: 10
In this area will be information concerning your rebirth status.
It will vary depending on the system you have chosen to use at
creation or rebirth time.
You have never been reborn.
| STR: 13( 13) INT: 18( 18) HP: 20( 20) |
| DEX: 20( 20) WIS: 20( 20) OP: 100( 100) |
| CON: 17( 17) INS: 19( 19) MV: 100( 100) |
| REF: 10( 10) CHA: 20( 20) |

If you are Channeler, the next section will look like this:

| Air: 13 Fire: 2 HR: 0 |
| Earth: 2 Water: 8 DR: 0 Trains: 50 |
| Spirit: 4 |
| You are a channeler. Average OP score is 5 ( 5). |

If you are a non-Channeler, the next section will look like this:

| Precise: 0% Master: 0% HR: 5 |
| Efficient: 0% Reaction: 0% DR: 7 Trains: 50 |

| Pierce: 66 Bash: 66 Slash: 66 Weaves: 66 |
| CP: 0 SP: 0 SM: 0 GM: 0 |
| You are carrying 5 items, of a possible ( 81) |
| Your total weight is 7 stones |
| Wimpy set to 0 HP Scroll Length is 22 lines. |
| You are standing. |
) (

The first three lines are simply informational.
LINE 4: is is the percentage of the current world that you have
explored– you can gain experience points and trains by wandering
and exploring the realms.
LINE 5: is your current experience points, you can find your
‘level’ by dividing this number by 1000.
LINE 6: is your Quest Points. You gain quest points by completing
quests, which are given by the Quest master in Caemlyn’s bank and
can only be given to those over 20,000 experience points. Quest
timer is the number of ‘ticks’ remaining until you can ask for
a new quest.
COMBAT STATS: STR is your physical strength
DEX is your hand-eye cooridination
CON is your physical endurance or hardiness
REF is your reflexive, your resposiveness
INT is your capability to understand and solve
WIS is your will power and common sense
INS is your intuition or six sense
CHA is your personality or personal magnatism
HP is your hit points, 0 or less HP is
OP is your strength of mind or how well you can focus
on certain skills
AIR EARTH SPIRIT FIRE WATER: These are the five spheres of the One
Power, and reflect your strength in each individual sphere. The
total below it is the average of all these scores and then the
modified score is in ().

Precise Efficient Reaction Master: These are only blademaster scores
and reflect Quest Skills. Master is the average of all the
blademaster forms your character has learned. At 100% mastery,
your character is a Blademaster.

HR is your hitroll which helps determine if your character will hit
in combat.
DR is your damage roll which helps determine how well you hit in

Trains are used to advance the combat stats, gain and practice new skills
and weaves.

ARMOR STATS are effected by DEX and REF plus any bonuses from armor
worn. The lower these scores, the more well protected you are.
A negative number is concidered exceptional.

INFORMATIONAL STATS: CP is a copper penny, the most common form of wealth
SP is a silver penny
SM is a silver mark
GM is a gold mark

Next is carried items and the number of items you can carry. Going over
the maximum means that you may possibly drop items.

Total weight is measured in stones, carrying too much weight can slow you
down and create penalties in combat.

Wimpy is the number of hitpoints when you will automatically attempt to
flee from combat. Setting wimpy to 0(zero) will turn off this option.

Scroll is the number of lines that will be displayed before a pause
prompt is displayed.

The final line of your score screen is the current condition of your
character, standing, sitting, resting, sleeping, fighting,
incapacitated or Dead.