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The Seanchan are a race of people who control the country also known as
Seanchan. This land lies far across the Aryth Ocean to the west of

They are the descendants of Luthair Paendrag and his armies, sent from
their homes in contentent already conquered by Artur Hawkwing, Luthair’s
father. Travelling across the Aryth Ocean, for almost three thousand
leagues, until they reached the land of Seanchan. This party claimed
the new land as their own and set about conquering each and every part
of it. And they succeeded.

Having established Seanchan as their new home, news came of the defeat of
Artur, and the breaking of all he had achieved. The Seanchan set about
preparing for the Corenne, “the Return” as translated from the Old Tongue.
This was to be a reconquering, a reclaiming of the rightful lands of their

The first to begin this mission would be known as the Hailene, “Those Who
Come Before”, to pave the way or the remainder of the armies that would
undertake this great task.


Seanchan are not automatically guilded into a Seanchan guild. They may
choose to remain a Seanchan Loner, or enter into one of the many
sub-guilds available. They are as follows.

The Blood: The nobility of Seanchan.The Seanchan have a caste system which
enables a person to work one’s way up the rankings, even “become” one of
the noble Blood, i.e. descended from Hawkwing himself.

Deathwatch: Loyal guards to the Empress and those who she appoints them
to. The ranks may be formed of both Seanchan and Ogier. Seanchan
Deathwatch wear a raven tattoo on their back which they happily reveal,
showing them to be property of the Empress.

Sul’dam: Women who have shown skill or the ability to control damane
(women channelers). They do so with the use of an a’dam.

Seekers: The Seekers are members of a spy organization, well skilled in
spy techniques, combat, torture and who knows how many other things.
Seekers are feared greatly, for their jurisdiction is unrivaled by any,
except the Empress.

So’jhin: Servants to the Blood. Seanchan society is based upon the thought
that every person has a place in which to serve, and everyone should be in
their place. It is also believed to be a great honor to serve one of the
Blood and the position is held in higher respect than a free person.

Hailene: These men and women are members of the Ever Victorious Army.
Highly skilled in combat, they and the damane are the main strengths of
the Seanchan race.

Morat’s: Trainers of the exotic creatures of Seanchan. One may enter into
learning to control raken or to’raken, lopar, grolm, corlm, or torm.

(Raken/To’raken: Flying creatures. Raken are smaller and can seat up to
two people, and are used as messengers or scouts. To’raken are much larger
and are used for transportation.

Torm: Most intelligent of the exotics, and resembles a horse-sized cat
crossed with a lizard. Used as hunters, and trackers or as mounts and

Corlm: Resembles a large flightless bird but up to eight feet tall.
Usually used as a tracker and is extremely fast over short distances as
well as a good long distance runner.

Lopar: Resembling a bear slightly, this hulking creature is the best
fighter of the Exotics. Able to sprint fast, yet not good at long
distance. Used in battle and as a guard animal. Strangely placid, unless
ordered to fight.

Grolm: Resembling a bear crossed with a frog. Fast when running, great
vision and sense of smell, they form a part of the military forces.)

Note: Seanchan are a mainly non channeling race. the only channelers
allowed in will be female and only in the sul’dam guild. Their channeling
ability will be passed off as their damane. Male channelers are put to
death in the land of Seanchan.

Damane are allowed both as Seanchan born or taken captive, however
this must be approved (OOCly) by the Empress first. Please talk to
Cierin if you wish to play a Damane or be captured as one.

Players that select the Seanchan Race, are to be reminded that once the
character has chosen the Seanchan race. That it will remain that way for
the life of the character. (You cannot Remort into another Race).