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Shaeen mtaal

The Shae’en M’taal, also referred to as Stone Dogs, are a group of men who
have sworn vows to never retreat in a battle. They take their place as rear
guards in a fight, knowing that if it comes down to them, they will be on
hand to finish the battle, or die trying.

The Stone Dogs are -very- touchy about ji’e’toh, almost as much as the Far
Dareis Mai. (It is quite common to see Stone Dogs and Maidens facing off to
see who can outdo the other.)

Spears, bows, knives and daggers are all part of the retinue of weaponry that
the Stone Dogs train with, as well as un-armed fighting. (It is also said that
they train with their tongues, ever ready with a jest, barb, or goading of their
fellow Aiel.)