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Fighting men shave most of their heads, leaving only a topknot. Those of a
menial position wear bowl hair cuts and leather jackets. Servants to Nobles
wear livery in the Noble House colours. Shirts, tight trousers and jackets
which may be embroidered on the collar and arm are worn by men. Women wear
modest long dresses often embroidered on the bodice. Class distinctions show
through quality of cut and cloth. The existence of the Dark One and his
minions is a daily fact of life for Shienarans. Many men train as warriors.
Shienarans have a love of ceremony, including ritual greetings and partings
for honoured guests. People of all classes are extremely polite, even to
their enemies, and men are particularly chivalrous and respectful of women.
Shienaran women never duel, and do not train with weapons.