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Stitch patterns

There are four skills (and a fifth command that does not require skill) in the
tailor skill set: layout, sew, hem, stitch, and cut (cut is not a skill).

To tailor clothing, you first need a bolt of cloth. Once you have the bolt,
you must decide what you intend to create. LAYOUT TYPES will show you the
items you can make and how much fabric each needs. If your job requires less
than a full bolt, use CUT to get the bolt to the right size (half, quarter, or

Syntax: cut amount from material type
Example: cut half from silk

Next, you must lay your cut cloth (or whole bolt) out for sewing.

Syntax: layout cloth for clothing type
Example: layout silk for cloak

Now, you’re ready to sew the item. Syntax: sew item

Then, to finish the item off, you must hem it. Syntax: hem item

Afterward, you may use the optional (but very important) STITCH command to add
decorative embroidery to your piece. STITCH PATTERNS and STITCH COLORS show
what patterns/colors are available. Here’s the important part: stitching also
adds a stat benefit to the item! The amount of stat benefit added to the item
depends entirely on your skill in stitch, at a 1-stat benefit per 10% skill
level in stitch (e.g., a +14 benefit is added by a tailor who has stitch
skill between 140% and 149%).

Syntax: stitch item with color type for stat
Example: stitch cloak with red ‘dragon fang’ for CON