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Some mobiles drop treasure chests which may contain valuable items. Quite
often, these boxes are trapped. In order to find and remove the traps, you
will need to Search and Unarm skills. Search the box to find the trap, then
unarm it to remove the trap. High INT, DEX, and REF will help accomplish
these goals. It is possible to set a trap off by unarming it. When the
trap has been unarmed, you can pick it and retrieve it’s contents. You may
bypass unarming by just picking it, though there is a greater chance to
set the trap off.

Different trap types include boomers, gassers, poison needles, razor blades,
acid, fire, and even mana traps. Each of these traps has a different kind
of effect, so be careful.

Boxes always contain at least one gem and several coins. There is also a
chance for each box to contain special items.