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BUG OPEN: Lists all open bugs in the BugTracker
BUG CLOSED: Lists all closed bugs in the BugTracker
BUG OPEN #: Lists the # most recent bugs (ie, ‘bug open 3′)
BUG CLOSED #: Same as above, but with closed bugs.
BUG SEARCH [phrase]: Lets Mortals search thru the bugs they have listed,
or which were submitted by an Immortal, for a specific phrase. When
executed by an Immortal, searches all Bugs for the phrase. The search
looks for matches in the ‘message’ area, as well as ‘mortinfo’ field
for mortals, and checks those plus ‘imminfo’ field for Immortals.
BUG CONCISE [other subcommand]: Gives a sparse-output of the information,
for more condensed reading. Output is very similar to the way the
old bug command listed information in its file.
BUG REMOVE #: Removes the specified numer. Mortals can only remove bugs
they submitted, Immortals can remove any Bug.
BUG UPDATE # [additional info]: Lets the submitter add information to the
initial bugreport.
BUG EDIT #: Lets the submitter use the editor in ‘string.c’ to add info
to the report. Useful if they’re doing a long report.
Plus the following Immortal only commands:
BUG CLOSE #: Closes the bug out. This flags it as unchangeable, and
tags it for removal after one week.
BUG UPDATE # [field] [additional info]: Allows the Immortal to add a
response to any of the following fields: MESSAGE (the original report),
IMMINFO (readable only by other Immortals), and MORTINFO (readable by
both Imm’s and morts)
BUG EDIT # [field]: Lets the Immortal use the string.c editor to edit any
of the fields listed directly above.