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Every time a character is created or remorts, the mud automatically rolls
a chance for that character to gain one of four ‘talents': wolfkin, seer,
dreamer, or ta’veren. The % chance is VERY small, though…the talents are
extremely rare. But the chance does go up very slightly with each remort,
so the best way to maximize your chances of getting a talent is to remort
early and often. :)

If you have gained a talent at remort, there’s no way of missing it…you
WILL know.

Not much is known by most of us about what each talent entails. Here is
the common wisdom on each:

Wolfkin – have been reportedly seen growling under their breath and
absently scratching themselves, with haunting yellow eyes…

Seers – often seem distracted when they look at others, as if they can
see things in our character that others can’t…

Dreamers – frequently seem tired during the day, and are rumored to be
able to walk the world at night while all others sleep…

Ta’veren – have effects on the world around them that are all but
impossible to believe…chance is a fluid concept around them…