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For Rooms:
NAME Room Title Goes Here

Room description goes here. Use at least four lines of description.
Dont use digits in the room’s description, instead spell the whole
word out (it will help to make those four lines easier, too). Dont
describe people in the room if you can help it. Dont use you feel,
you do this, you do that, but it’s ok to use you see this, you see



ROOM ( flags go here – possibles are:
dark no_mob indoors private safe solitary pet_shop no_recall
imp_only gods_only heroes_only newbies_only law nowhere bank
pawnshop playerkill nogate climb )

SECTOR ( flags go here – possibles are:
inside city field forest hills mountain swim noswim unused
air desert blight coastal road marsh tundra )
HEAL ( % of 100 that is healed per tick. Default is 100 if not set. )
MANA ( % of 100 that is healed per tick. Default is 100 if not set. )

For Objects:
NAME Object Goes Here (should be brief and to the point)
SHORT Is the in inventory, using, etc description. Should reflect
the item’s name with a bit more detail.
LONG Is the on the ground, look at, etc description. Should reflect
the short description with more detail.
TYPE Can be one of –
light, scroll, wand, staff, weapon, treasure, armor, potion, furniture,
trash, container, drinkcontainer, key, food, money, boat, npccorpse,
fountain, pill, protect, map, portal, warpstone, roomkey, gem, jewelry,
jukebox, quiver, arrow, pipetabac, chewtabac, maleangreal, femaleangreal,
cloth, treepc, notepaper

WEAR Can be one of –
take (MUST be take unless furniture or fountain), finger, neck, body,
head, legs, feet, hands, arms, shield, about, waist, wrist, wield, hold,
nosac, wearfloat, nose, ear, shoulders, back, eyes, calf, thigh, forearm

GUILD Can be any applicable guild, or Loner for None.

LEVEL is number 1. The level determines stats for armor,
weapons, and other types, as well as wear locations.