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The darkfriend hunt

A game of mystery, suspicion, and paranoia, brought to this mud
by Scott Rothrock (

The Darkfriend Hunt is relatively simple to play once you
get the hang of the commands and the system, which are not
that hard to learn.

To see all commands available for use in the Hunt, type
‘dfhunt’ without any arguments. This will bring up a
comprehensive list of every dfhunt command as well as a
brief explanation of what that command does.

If there is currently no Hunt in progress, a new one can be
created by any player simply by typing ‘dfhunt create’ and
will cost that player 25 gold. After the Hunt is created,
other players can join by typing ‘dfh join’.

When there are ten or more players in the game, the creator
and only the creator can start it by typing ‘dfh start’.

When the game starts, you are told of your role. Roles
are kept completely secret and are never revealed to any
other participant in the Hunt, except under a few different
circumstances. There are four possible roles to have in the
Hunt, and they are:

Townsperson: You can vote on a person to lynch each day.
The person with the most votes after everyone has voted
is then killed and removed from the Hunt, their identity
revealed. Everyone counts as a Townsperson.

Aes Sedai: There is only one Aes Sedai each
Hunt, and that
is not a sure fact. One lucky player may be chosen to
be the Aes Sedai – they will possess the power to
identify one player per night. This means that each
night, the Aes Sedai can ascertain the true role of a
player, and perhaps find a Darkfriend. The role is
revealed only to the Aes Sedai.

Warder: As with Aes Sedai, there is only one
Warder in
each Hunt, and this is not a sure fact. One lucky player
may be chosen to be the Warder and is given the ability
to protect one person each night from Darkfriends. If
a Darkfriend attempts to kill a person protected by a
Warder, they find their attempt thwarted.

Darkfriend: There are two Darkfriends in each
Hunt, and
the object of the game is the find and lynch them with
the help of your fellow players. Darkfriends may kill
one townsperson each every night; when there are only
two townspeople remaining (not counting Darkfriends),
the game ends in a Shadow victory. When a player is
killed by a Darkfriend, their true role is revealed.

Every game begins in the day phase, and the players must
vote on a person to lynch. The first vote is by nature
totally random, so one unlucky player dies at the whim of
his or her comrades. After the first day, it becomes night
and the Darkfriends, Aes Sedai, and Warder
are given the
chance to use their special abilities. Once they have done
their jobs, then it becomes day again, and everyone must
vote on who they think is a Darkfriend. Throughout the
entire process, players can and should debate and argue
via ‘dfhunt talk’ on who is the real Darkfriend. The game
ends in a victory for the Light when there are no
Darkfriends remaining.