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Thief taker

Thief Takers are men and women from all nations between the Aryth Ocean and the
Spine of the World. They appear as any normal commoner, unless in disguise for
a special purpose. Thief Takers can also be criminals who have seen their wrong
doings and want to put a stop to others like them. They specialize in tracking
people, particularly criminals for pay. The amount of money given isn’t the
prime motivation for most members: rather, they seek to bring justice to parts
of the world that otherwise would go lawless. The Thief Takers may have
quarters in many cities but their main headquarters is near Fal Dara in the
country of Shienar. They normally work alone or in small groups when “on the
hunt,” though it is not uncommon to see one or two in service of a larger party
(army, etc). Thief Takers are well rounded, being adept in the wilderness as
well in the cites or towns, and are accustomed to the laws and customs of
distant lands of the realm. They are trained in many types of weaponry,
particularly defensive types (sword breakers, staves, etc) as to not kill
there opponent.

“I walk dark roads and shadowed passes following a trail only I can see.
When I return the road will lighten and the way will be shadowed no more.
I am a Thief Taker and there is nowhere the wrong can hide.”

To join the Thief Takers speak to a recruiter or the Guild Leader.
The guild does not accept IC channeling