Info > Toggle


Syntax: toggle

The toggle command is used to turn various personal settings on or off. Typing
toggle by itself shows a screen with your current settings. Typing toggle with
an argument turns that option on or off. For example, to turn Autoloot on (or
off, if it is already on), type: toggle autoloot. You will be informed of the
new state of that option. To reverse it, simply type toggle autoloot again. The
toggle-able settings and what each does are (note–some are obsolete; these are
listed in red):

IC – OBSOLETE; was for a comm channel (IC) that no longer exists
OOC – Communication toggle – turn the OOC Channel on/off
MSP – OBSOLETE; an intended ROA-based mud improvement never implemented
Auction – Communication toggle – turn the Auction Channel on/off
Music – Communication toggle – turn the Music Channel on/off
Autoexit – Exploration toggle – show/hide room exits when you ‘look’
Autosac – Combat toggle – automatically sacrifice worthless gear after fights
AButcher – Combat toggle – automatically butcher defeated foes
Prompt – Personal info toggle – show/hide your prompt
Nosummon – OBSOLETE; blocks a summoning weave no longer in the game
Show – Personal info toggle – When on, shows affects with score
Hints – Communication toggle – turn the Hints Channel on/off
Automap – Exploration toggle – show/hide automap when you move about
Dodge – Combat toggle – automatically dodge enemy attacks in combat
RoA – OBSOLETE; an intended ROA-based mud improvement never implemented
Staff – Communication toggle – turn Staff Channel on/off (for Staff only)
Shouts – Communication toggle – hear/don’t hear other players’ shouts
Tells – Communication toggle – allow/block tells from other players
Quiet – Communication toggle – turn off ALL comms except within the same room
Deaths – Communication toggle – turn death announcements on/off
Clantalk – Communication toggle – turn your guild’s comm channel on/off
Autogold – Combat toggle – automatically get gold from defeated foes
Autosplit – Group toggle – automatically split won money among group members
Autoslay – Admin toggle – available only to Immortals
Combine – Personal info toggle – show like items on one/multiple lines in inv
Nofollow – Group toggle – allow/block others from following you
Autolog – Communication toggle – block/allow tells while in combat
Autofight – Combat toggle – fight back (or not) when engaged with an enemy
Counter – Combat toggle – automatically counter enemy attacks in combat
War – OBSOLETE; related to an in-mud game not currently in use
Tag – Game toggle – show/hide tag game announcements
DFHunt – Game toggle – show/hide darkfriend hunt game announcements
Quotes – Communication toggle – turn Quotes Channel on/off
GLTALK – Communication toggle – turn GuildLeader Channel on/off (for GLs only)
QandA – Communication toggle – turn Question/Answer Channel on/off
Logins – Communication toggle – show/hide announcements of other player logons
Autoassist – Group toggle – automatically help when a group member starts a fight
Autoloot – Combat toggle – automatically take items from a defeated foe
Autodamage – Combat toggle – show/hide damage messages during combat
Compact – Exploration toggle – show mud output with/without blank lines
Canloot – Combat toggle – allow/block your own corpse from looting by others
Brief – Exploration toggle – show/hide long room descriptions while moving
AutoSkin – Combat toggle – automatically skin corpses of defeated foes
AutoRecall – Combat toggle – have mud automatically send you to recall (or try to)
if you go linkdead during a fight
Parry – Combat toggle – automatically parry enemy attacks in combat
Peek – Exploration toggle – show/hide equipment of people you look at
Tourney – Game toggle – show/hide tourney game announcements
Trivia – Game toggle – show/hide trivia game announcements
AutoBox – Combat toggle – automatically pick up enemy boxes (chests) in combat
ShowSaves – Communication toggle – show/hide autosave announcements
AutoPunch – Combat toggle – automatically punch the enemy while in combat
Remorts – Communication toggle – show/hide other player remort announcements
NoTeach – Special toggle – allow/block others from teaching you skills/weaves
Gevent – Communication toggle – show/hide special mud event announcements
Buddy – Communication toggle – turn Buddy Chat Channel on/off
AutoH2H – Combat toggle – automatically engage in hand to hand with enemies
BuddyLogs – Communication toggle – show/hide when a Buddy logs on/off
GuildLogs – Communication toggle – show/hide when a Guildmate logs on/off