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Wise one

Wise Ones are the female leaders of
The Aiel Wise Ones are selected and trained by other Wise Ones. They are
selected from every clan, sept and society. All channeling females end up
as Wise Ones, but not all Wise Ones can channel. Typically, each hold has
its own Wise One. They act as mediators, keepers of lore, healers, and
attend to the training of other Wise Ones. They also determine who may
enter Rhuidean.

Aiel Wise Ones cannot be made gai’shain, as thier duties to the Aiel are
too important. This does not mean Wise Ones are exempt from ji’e’toh, if
anything, they adhere to it more strictly then others.

By tradition, Wise Ones avoid non-aiel and more importantly, do not flaunt
the fact that they can channel. Wise Ones do not partake in battles, nor
do they channel in battles. Some Wise Ones have the ability to dreamwalk,
which allows them to send messages through dreams and to meet in the world
of dreaming, known as Tel’aran’rhoid. Wise Ones do not use Saidar to heal,
they rely on their vast knowledge of herbs to treat illnesses.

The Wise One heirarchy is not goverened by ones strength with the gift, as
it is else where in the world. In fact, being able to channel means almost
nothing to the Wise Ones in respect to leadership. The strength comes from
the mind and the heart, not from ones abilities.

*Note: If you are a female Aiel Channeler, you will at some point be
required to train to become a Wise One.*