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X socials

Syntax: emote

Syntax: pose

EMOTE is used to express emotions or actions. Besides EMOTE, there are
hundreds of built-in social commands, such as CACKLE, HUG, and THANK.

PMOTE is similar to emote, but will substitute you and your for a target’s
name (i.e. pmote bonks Bellas will be read as “Soso bonks you” by Bellas, and
as “Soso bonks Bellas” by everyone else).

POSE produces a random message.

Type SOCIALS to see a full list of all social commands.

X Socials are socials of a more adult nature, and you must have X toggled
on to see or use them.

Syntax: X Off — Turn X types off. You will not be able to use
any X types nor can they be used on you.
X List — List all X types available.