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Yellow ajah

The Aes Sedai of the White Tower strive for a deeper understanding of the One
Power and learn to weave Saidar in methods helpful to the World. Different Ajahs
of the White Tower master using the One Power in different arenas.

White Ajah — Work towards a philosophical understanding of the One Power.
Blue Ajah — Work to a higher amount of justice in the world, Justice Ajah.
Yellow Ajah — Work to understand the One Power aiding the healing of flesh.
Green Ajah — Work to prepare for the Last Battle– the Battle Ajah.
Grey Ajah — Work towards examining the effects the Saidar has on the world of politics.
Red Ajah — Work to ‘take care of’ male channelers in the world.
Brown Ajah — Work to study the effect of the One Power in nature.

Women who can channel may request to be Novices and should speak to any Sitter
of the White Tower or type the system command to see recruiters on line.